Where Atlanta’s African Americans engage

#1 in reach and composition of African-Americans*

#1 portfolio of owned and operated sites dedicated to the AA audience





Let’s get Digital

Radio One Atlanta is a proud provider of access to the black community in Atlanta, Ga.  We seek daily to be the best and first in speaking to the second largest black audience in the country.  We don’t stop with our airwaves, we reach beyond.  We engage our audience with our websites, mobile apps, social media sites and text clubs reaching over one million people consistently.   

We recognize in this competitive environment we have to continue our conversation with our audience as often as possible.  Because of our success in engagement through this multifaceted digital platform, we can now provide even greater access to this important target for our clients.   We know in today’s environment the consumer is armed with more information about products and services at the” click of a mouse”.  

So we seek to provide the best messages about our client’s products and services in every opportunity.  We strongly recommend you take your marketing to the next level and “Let’s get Digital” today!